work with me!

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We’re all visual communicators today and a beautiful Instagram feed is incredibly important for you to connect with your clients. Not only do you need images that make your business look great, but you also need photos that speak to your brand’s story and is authentic to your company.

Working with me means I will create beautiful images for your Instagram feed, so you don’t have to worry about it. You’re a business owner, not a photographer, yet having compelling images that represent your business is so important! So let me help you.

A session with me includes:

  • 60-90 minutes of photography

  • Photos can be a combination of food, drinks, products, staff, guests and/or interiors

  • Approximately 30 images (enough images to post on Instagram three times a week for almost three months)

  • $600 a session **first time clients receive 50% off their first session!

Other ways to work with me:

Besides creating visual content for brands, I also work with brands on other projects, such as:

  • Event Photography - photographing special events, such as dinner parties or new product launches.

  • Extended Brand Story - photographing a brand’s story. Not only will I photograph your business, products and/or location, but I will photograph you! This work will not only showcase your business, but the people, process and story behind it, allowing your customers to really connect with your brand.

  • Social Media Planning and Execution - I will completely take over your business' Instagram account. Not only will I shoot the content for your feed, but I will plan the best way, visually, to present it. I will do all the posting for you, complete with captions and hashtags. This is a great way to really take this important job off your plate!

**Contact me for pricing!