work with me!


I’d love to work with you! I specialize in shooting lifestyle, still life images of beautiful details, whether it’s food, products, clothing, or interior spaces. My style is light and bright, minimal and crisp. Here are some of the ways I work with clients to provide high quality imagery to support their brand.


I work with small business owners, bloggers, artists and more, to continually create new, beautiful images on a monthly (or quarterly) basis. A growing brand needs a consistent, and visually compelling social media presence, not to mention constantly updated imagery for printed content, their website, blog posts, etc. Working with clients on an on-going basis allows a brand to have consistently new visual content to share with their audience, whether it’s details of new products, their process, their people or events.

**These shoots can be either on-location shoots and/or product sent directly to me to shoot in my studio.


I photograph special events for small brands, such as dinner parties or new product launches. Still specializing in details and lifestyle images, I capture all the beautiful parts of your event.

**All photography services are specifically tailored to your needs. Please contact me for a custom quote.