the bachelorette quick thoughts - july 8th show!

You guys! I’m in vacation mode. We’re in Tahoe and I spent the day golfing, drinking, playing tennis and walking my terrorist dog. It was a full play day and I’m exhausted. But anyhoo, no time to write up my thoughts on last night’s show. So here are just some quick takeaways:

Peter Date 

·      Peter is WAY in love and has totally given up on playing it cool.

·      I’m never flying “SunAir”. No thank you. They could barely shut the door and then they had to push down the lock, like it was a 1985 Chevy. No thanks.

·      The German food cheer was terrifying.

·      Summary of Peter’s Family visit: Little bro is cute, dad has porn star hair and the family likes to cry.

Tyler Date

·      Front piggy back greeting is still a thing.

·      This is the best day-date for sure: boating and drinking. Sign me up.

·      Parents are sweet and normal, and so are his younger brothers. Kind of boring, overall.

·      When she leaves, he dives in the car with her and then she straddles him. With the door open. With a driver in the front seat. Sooooo uncomfortable.

Luke Date

·      Luke takes Hannah to a Sunday school thing? Bible study? I’m not religious so this sounds horrendous to me, but even Hannah looks bored to death.

·      Luke loves to tell this I-found-Jesus-in-a-shower story.

·      People seem to actually like Luke at this place,  which cracks me up because Hannah admits it’s a nice change to meet people who don’t hate him. Ha.

·      At Luke’s house, I notice there are plates hung on the wall as decoration. That’s all. Just wanted to mention that.

·      Luke’s mom has an amazing head of hair. It’s long and thick and has beachy waves…and the fact that I spent so much time checking it out, along with the plates on the wall, tells you how boring this date was.

Jed Date 

·      OF COURSE Jed takes her to a recording studio. This is partly because he’s looking for a place to showcase his talents on TV AGAIN, and also because he can’t do the touring-Tennessee date because he might run into his girlfriend.

·      The song they wrote says, “It was written in the stars.” That’s some original shit there. EYE ROLL.

·      His family is less than jazzed that their sweet baby Jed is busy falling in love and MIGHT sacrifice his career. His mom really slams this point home by saying Jed has no education apparently, so if this music thing doesn’t pan out, he’s fucked. So BACK OFF HANNAH.

Rose Ceremony

·      She gives Peter and Tyler roses…then freaks out, leaves, cries and comes back and gives both the other guys roses. So she doesn’t send anyone home. She is full smiles here and thinks the guys will be equally happy. Umm, Hannah, no. At some point, you DO have to narrow them down. You know that, right? I can see next week after the fantasy suites, Hannah is all, “this is too hard, you guys. I’ll keep all of you guys again. But next week, I PROMISE to send someone home. Maybe.”

I admit…I can’t wait for next week’s fantasy suites. All FOUR of them.