5 fun things jen found on the internet

God I love finding fun crap on the internet. Here are five of my new favorite things I found this week.

  1. I’m dating myself with this one and prooooobably not aligning myself with younger readers but I know there are some 40ish aged people out there who will love THIS friggin’ greeting card.

  2. I don’t even know what this is but make sure your volume is up. Whoa. Click HERE.

  3. There aren’t many people out there who would find THIS BAG amazing. But I’m one of them. I’m now a proud owner of it.

  4. Technically, I didn’t FIND these on the internet, but whatever. Anyhoo, part of me knew high waisted pants were back in style, but I assumed they wouldn’t work for me, because, well, you know… I’m over 40 and have thighs that wiggle. But one day at Nordstrom, I tried these on and I will never again go back to those low-slinging bad boys with my side fat hanging out! These keep everything all tucked in! And they’re super comfy and they look cute, too. I spent $275 on them – THAT’s how much I love them. HERE they are! Aaaand I just realized they’re sold out. Sorry. I’m a super helpful blogger!

  5. THIS article on high rollers in Vegas. I’m a blackjack fan and one might say I’m mildly addicted to gambling. I mean, I don’t play online poker at 3am but if I’m at a blackjack table in Vegas and am three cocktails deep, I cannot leave. It’s a problem. Anyway, so this article was fascinating to me - how the reeeeeeally rich people do Vegas.