So we went to Hawaii with the kids, and I even brought out the big camera a few times. For a photographer, I’m terrible about lugging that thing around and taking it out for personal trips, etc. But it’s Hawaii, yo!

We stayed at the Grand Wailea on Maui. Great place if you’re into massive hotels with a zillion people and hemorrhaging money. Oh I kid, I kid. Sort of. The good thing about a huge resort is lots of amenities and about 120 pools. But catch 22 - you had to be there at 4:30am to save yourself a lounge chair. Not really. But almost. OK in all honesty, it was actually a great place with the kids. They had tons to do and room service is all they really need. And it really is a beautiful property. It’s just a LOT.

One highlight was a boat trip on the Four Winds with some snorkeing/snuba-ing. My daughter, Teagan, is just like her dad - adventurous and brave. The two of them were happy to snuba the afternoon away. My son, Tate, is like me. We don’t want to come into contact with actual wildlife, so we were fine to just swim around (even snorkeling scares me). Here’s Rob and Teagan finishing Snuba-time. And check out that snorkel crowd. Barely anyone there! (insert eye roll here).

We had some yummy, yummy meals while we were there. On the first day, on the way to the hotel, we stopped at Maui Brewing Company. I’m a big fan of this place. It’s gorgeous inside with one side of the restaurant totally open to a grassy area. You’re up on a hill, overlooking the ocean (not down on the beach), but it was still beautiful. Add in some delicious beer and a Maui breeze and I was already in heaven. Mama ordered a flight of yummy beer. Mmmm.


We went exploring one day in our horrendous rental car. We rented a convertible which turned out to be a Camaro and it was the WORST. It was tiny and it felt like we were sitting in a bucket with our heads barely high enough to see out. Awful. Pay the extra and rent the jeep if you’re into open air. Anyhoo, we found lava rock beaches and explored. So cool.

Anyhoo, we had a great time. Here are some more pics!